Why RGO Technologies?

Doing business with RGO Technologies means doing business better. We offer several unique benefits you can’t get anywhere else, each designed to get you ahead.

RGO Differences

1. Independently Owned means our clients are our first priority. We answer our customers, not shareholders!

2. The Power of Choice. RGO is not limited to just one manufacturer or software developer.  We recommend the right equipment for the job regardless of brand.

3. Support what we sell. We care about what’s right for your business because what happens after the sale is what you care about and where we shine.

4. Local = Quick.  Local in-house Customer Care Team.  Local Technicians.  Local Decision Making.  Timely communications.  Fast response times.  Quick decisions.  Good things happen when you eliminate layers of corporate approvals and red tape restrictions.

5. Uptime Focused. The RGO Advanced Care program drives maximum uptime through remote monitoring, proactive and predictive service support.

6. Calgary based headquarters has $1M+ of parts & supplies to keep you up and running.

7. Friendly/Smart/Experienced. RGO Factory Certified Engineers go through rigorous training to ensure qualified people are working on your systems.

8. Accountability to the Top. Job #1 is caring for our customers.   Local Ownership means we are directly connected to our economy and our community.  We live here.  We are in this together.

9. Alberta Born! Come for a tour of our 300,000 square foot head office in Calgary. Our investment is our commitment to doing business better.

10. Socially aware. Join Team RGO and our incredible employees in giving back to our community.  Education, health care, families in need are focus areas for our staff and founders as well as providing our time and support to the arts, sports and charitable organizations of all sizes.

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