Benefits of Leasing a Multi-Function Printer/Copier

Multi-Function Printers are a key component of your document management system. Today’s modern “copiers/printers” are essentially computers that scan, print, fax and copy. Businesses continue to push for smarter ways to work. That demand leads to faster and faster technological changes and shorter product life cycles. Today’s technology does not wear out – it “times out” when it is replaced with the next new smarter version.

To keep pace with the world most companies now lease their multi-function printers. Accountants and business owners also like leasing as it fits their pay-for-use strategy. The trend is either a three or four year term.

If your firm is thinking about leasing new printing or software technology solutions, contact RGO Technologies Inc. to arrange the most favorable terms.

Lease / Purchase? Here’s some of the key benefits of leasing:

No Need to Arrange Disposal with a Lease

Many companies think that they will be able to simply throw away an old copier, unaware of the long list of regulations regarding safe disposal of IT equipment that can make the process time-consuming and costly. When you choose RGO Leasing – we take care of the hassle of removing the old unit when we deliver the new system.

No Tied-Up Capital

Copier/printer leases are normally started with zero up front costs. Purchasing a multi-functional printer would tie up useful working capital. Leasing allows you to save your company’s free cash for other uses while making an affordable monthly office technology lease payment. Pay-for-use.

Flexible Lease Terms

Multi-Function Copier/Printers can be expensive, and pulling together enough capital to buy equipment outright can be difficult. For companies who are considering taking out a loan to finance new technology – leasing may be the right decision as leases typically offer more flexible terms with easier approval requirements than loans.

Keep Up with Technology

Technology is constantly improving. Leasing gives you the option to upgrade during your lease period. New technology helps your company remain relevant in todays ultra competitive world. Upgrading purchased equipment is often problematic when the depreciated book value of the asset is higher that the actual market value. Your RGO Account Manager will review your requirements, technological advances and financial benefits throughout the term of your lease. Most RGO clients can upgrade their leases early. New Technology. Improve Productivity. Save Money.

Tax Advantages

Most businesses choose operating leases, also called fair market value leases, because they offer lower monthly payments and simplify things for the accountants. Your lease and service costs are pure business expenses that help out during corporate tax time. Tax savings can help offset the cost of the lease, reducing the overall expense to your company.

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