Workplace Advisor Subscription

Steelcase Workplace Advisor Subscription is a continuous space management tool that lets organizations monitor, quantify and optimize ongoing workplace performance.

Our long-term sensing analyzes how, when and why people use space providing results that allow you to create the best workplace to support people and work.

SENSORS – Sensors in the workplace help track how spaces are used.

WIRELESS GATEWAYS – Data is sent securely to the cloud.

CLOUD PLATFORM – The Microsoft Azure powered cloud stores information.

DASHBOARD – An intelligent dashboard is created applying meaning from data.

The Subscription dashboard displays a high-level, graphic summary of the key metrics for all spaces being monitored within the filter criteria set.

Workplace Advisor is carefully tailored to the layout of the workspace. Each individual floor plan is mapped out digitally, creating an interactive layout of the office.

Steelcase space engineers thoughtfully determine where each sensor and gateway is placed based on unique office spatial and hardware needs.

All hardware is organized, labeled and assigned to a space ahead of time for quick, easy installation.
Each space comes with a map that shows where to place hardware.
Installation takes only 5-10 minutes per space.

Workplace Advisor delivers precise, trustworthy data in real time with Steelcase’s spatial expertise and cutting-edge algorithms.

Occupancy is accurately measured and recorded using unobtrusive, infrared technology. Multiple sensors collect and send data to multiple gateways, ensuring only precise information is stored on the secure Steelcase platform.

Organizations most valuable assets are people and places. Regardless of how large or small either of those assets are in number, Big Data can help ensure they are performing as well as they can.

With simple installation, discreet hardware and a cloud-enabled network, Workplace Advisor is easily scalable. Whether it’s in one or several spaces, or across multiple buildings and campuses, Workplace Advisor adapts to meet the needs of the organization.

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