Workplace Advisor Study

Steelcase Workplace Advisor Study is a short-term space measurement engagement paired with in-depth analysis and consultation. The process reveals what people want and use to optimize an organization’s investment.

Quickly discover what’s working and what’s needed in your space so you can serve people better, reduce risk and do more with less.


Steelcase consultants identify key questions and goals for your Workplace Advisor Study engagement.


Leased sensors collect anonymous usage data; employees provide perspective via surveys.


Intelligence is applied to display actionable information, including space comparisons and trends.


Our experts provide detailed analysis and considerations, documented in a sharable report.


When honest feedback is paired with data, it enables facility and real estate managers to better understand their workplace. Workplace Advisor Study includes two surveys that engage employees and provide valuable context for space management decisions.

Both surveys take 10 minutes to complete and results are synthesized with sensor data for greater insights and understanding during the session with Steelcase Applied Research + Consulting.


In this survey, employees click on a floorplan to choose their favorite places to work individually, as part of a group and in various other settings. The result is a map showing most popular choices for each type of space, as well as trends from verbatim employee feedback.

Compare these preferences with actual space occupancy data for a deeper understanding of what people want and use.


In this survey, employees choose the space amenities – like monitors, whiteboards or natural light – that appeal to them most for individual or collaborative work.


At the end of your Workplace Advisor Study engagement, you’ll receive:

  • A printed report that summarizes study findings
  • Actions you can take to address issues and opportunities
  • Informative, instructive dashboard images
  • Trend analysis and high-impact paths forward
  • Workplace Advisor Study


Our Steelcase Applied Research Consultants will engage your people with onsite services including primary observation, user focus groups and interviews. Employee voice engagements can involve one or two consultants over two to five days, depending on your needs and priorities.

Holistically explore aspects of culture, process, tools and space in support of your organizational ambitions. Explore engagements are especially helpful in preparing employees for success in a new and different work environment.

Paired with sensor data about space traits, these preferences can help you understand why spaces are sought out (or not) and what employees want in their space. This information sheds light on opportunities to improve performance.

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