In 1966, RGO began it’s journey to help companies with their office technology. We’ve come a long way since our days selling and servicing typewriters. Today we are focused on helping companies step through their digital transformation. Change can be difficult but the consequences of not evolving your business processes are even more costly.


Maximising the performance of your print and document process infrastructure throughout its lifetime with pro-active Managed Services and continuous improvement is our primary objective. Leveraging that infrastructure to drive your processes and optimise workflows is where our innovation could deliver additional savings and other benefits to your organisation.

Digital Transformation Drawing

It’s not the strongest of the species that survives.  Nor the most intelligent that survives.  It’s the one that is most adaptable to change. 
-Charles Darwin

Our approach is simple:

– Understand each client’s business infrastructure and critical document processes through our portfolio of output, printflow and process assessments
– Design a tailored system of hardware, software and client services which will achieve the improvements they desire
– Deliver and fully-implement the solution to their expectations and objectives
– Maximise the performance the solution delivers throughout its lifetime with pro-active monitored services and continuous reviews

RGO is focused on solutions, not selling boxes. Because we are not tied to any single brand we build bespoke solutions to meet our client requirements. Our assessment and solution design methodology with Professional Services experts ensures the optimal infrastructure is provided, and our partnerships with leading hardware and software developers allows our clients to step towards their own digital transformation.

RGO Document Management System Highlights:

– Document Capture Automation
– Enterprise Content Management
– Business Process Management
– Web Forms Management

RGO Print Control Systems Highlights:

– Track Multifunction and Single Function Print Device Activities
– Control & Report Use
– Recover Costs
– Enforce Print Policy

Our team of consultants help clients select productive and cost-effective software & digital equipment. We carry multiple lines of award-winning Kyocera, Canon & Epson equipment which enables us to deliver a well-rounded suite of technology. From desktop devices to production print and wide format; each serves a unique purpose.

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