Nowadays more people than ever work from home. This has been driven by the current global coronavirus, as businesses now require employees work from home. The current situation is likely to result in a permanent change of our working culture and lead to an increase in teleworking. With uniFLOW Online, printing and scanning documents efficiently from home can be seamlessly added to the existing office print & scan infrastructure.

Printing and Scanning as if you are in the office

Employees working from home can print directly from their device, with immediate job release, while still tracking costs. If the device is in the same room as the employee, and continuously monitored, secure printing is often not necessary. If, on the other hand, the device is regularly shared with family members, secure printing for company documents can still be implemented. Documents can be released following authentication with a PIN code.

Scan workflows follow employees from device to device. The same user interface and scan profiles are available at the home office as well as the workplace. uniFLOW Online’s cloud technology, conversion to Word or searchable PDF and file compression are also available before the document is sent to the user’s email or saved to the cloud.

Compact MFPs Enrich Home Office Working

By using of a Canon device for printing at home in connection with uniFLOW Online, businesses ensure printed documents retain the same high quality as those printed at the office therefore guaranteeing a strong public image is maintained.

Canon Software Solutions

May 15, 2020 in Industry News