Can I move my own multi-function device?

From a physical standpoint, moving a photocopier is not difficult but copiers can be very easily damaged. Moving a copier without damaging it takes careful planning and a professional hand. It’s not like moving a desk!

Best practice is to have RGO move the device for you. Our movers are trained in moving the copiers/printers. If there is a finisher on your device, our tech will come in and disconnect the device for you. Our movers will then pick up your printer and move it to the new location. Once onsite – the tech will come back – reconnect everything and check the machine over to ensure that its operational.

If you move the printer on your own and things don’t work at the new location – then you would have to pay for the tech to come out and get the device operational again – which could cost a lot more than what we charge for the move. Also, if you move the device on your own, and it gets damaged – it might not be covered under the terms of the contract or by warranty.

Moving soon?  RGO can help.