Moving Equipment, the RIGHT WAY…

How can RGO help?

Whether you are moving your print equipment from one side of the office to the other or to a whole new space, always contact RGO to assist.

Moving your RGO equipment consists of three parts: the physical relocation of the product, the reinstallation and network setup, and an update of your billing information.

From a physical standpoint, moving a photocopier is not always difficult but copiers can be very easily damaged. Moving a copier without damaging it takes careful planning and a professional hand. Not to mention, moving the device yourself could void your contract and warranty!

RGO technicians and movers have the specialty moving equipment, tools and training needed to safely move your device with ease, saving you time, effort and money!

RGO Full-Service Moves includes:

  • A pre-move evaluation and print test on the equipment.
  • If required, we provide technicians to disassemble the equipment and reassemble everything once the move is complete. If there is anything out of alignment, we adjust the equipment until it performs to your satisfaction.
  • Once the move is completed, we run a new set of tests.
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of old equipment*

(*additional charges may apply)

Have RGO do your equipment moves – safely, quickly and done the RIGHT WAY.

Moving soon?  RGO can help.