As lockdown measures are gradually relaxed and employees return to the office, how will social distancing in the workplace effect office printing behaviour?

Keep your distance

Businesses will have to make substantial changes in the workplace to ensure the health and safety of their employees. As workers start to return to the office, they will be faced with social distancing and changes to communal and breakout spaces. To limit the spread of infection, the latest government guidance recommends limiting use of high-touch items and shared equipment such as printers. The post-pandemic workplace will be characterized by a new wave of touchless technology, such as automatic doors, hands-free light switches, voice-activated elevators and smartphone apps.

There are several considerations when it comes to office printing. Will the MFP remain the central hub of the office? Can we enable touch-free printing? Should companies invest in options such as cloud-based print management platforms, mobile printing or workflow-enhancing apps? Is it time to conduct a fresh audit of the print fleet and look at whether a shift back to a distributed deployment model is required? Are personal printers the next future?

What are your options?

— Print release enables print jobs to be released through smartcard or fob authentication. This will address the increased need for contactless / touchless technology in the office.
Example: PaperCut Print Management

— Smartphone-based apps, voice controls or Bluetooth tokens can be used, so the user only has to touch their own device.
Example: Kyocera MyPanel

— Issue each employee with a capacitive type stylus pen for use on touchscreens throughout the office.

— Ensure surfaces are cleaned and sanitized. Manufactures have provided guidance on how to properly clean your MFP.
Canon Cleaning Guide
Kyocera Cleaning Guide

— Automating business processes through digital workflows reduces time, error rates and human interaction. Digital workflow solutions that can be accessed remotely through the cloud enable teams to collaborate effectively even if some of them work remotely or they’re spread across several offices.
Example: Canon uniFLOW

All of these are available through RGO and our product specialists would be happy to help you with any question you may have.

June 8, 2020 in Industry News