AV Solutions

Collaborate, Create and Connect.

We give companies the tools that help employees bring their best to their work and teams. If you want better user experiences and more organizational agility we can help. RGO Technologies provides tools and solutions from world class manufacturers. Up your environment by talking to our team about our technology solutions. We specialize in Collaboration, Well-being, Workplace Analytics, Way-finding, and Space Scheduling systems.

Steelcase Smart + Connected

Collaboration – Way-finding – Space Scheduling – Well-being – Analytics

With the Steelcase Smart + Connected suite of products and services, employees can seamlessly go about their day, supported by an intuitive workspace that adapts to their individual and collective needs.



Simply share what’s on your laptop or mobile device, to a presentation screen with a single click. The Clickshare wireless presentation system will: Share Your Work – Work On All Devices – Eliminate Messy Cables – Enable Multiple Users – in one hassle free setup.


Samsung Display

Digital Signage and Professional Display

Explore our wide selection of digital signage and commercial displays. From outdoor signage and videowalls to interactive, standalone and 4K UHD, we offer display solutions virtually any business needs.

With best in class picture quality and exceptional durability, Samsung digital signage and displays elevate the conventional viewing experience, helping businesses deliver content that engages, informs and entertains.


Samsung Flip

Flip the Future of Collaborations

The Samsung Flip is an innovative digital flipchart that helps to drive more productive and efficient business collaboration without the hassle. 

Draw, Write, Inspire – Capture, In Collaboration – Navigate Intuitively – Portrait or Landscape in a Flip


Sharp Aquos Board

Enhance your business meeting experience!

Collaborate your way, Sharp AQUOS BOARD Interactive display systems are much more than your typical interactive white board.


Interactive Displays for Every Space

With agnostic solutions ideal for every room, space and budget, Avocor has an interactive display screen that’s ideal for your environment and are incredibly easy to use delivering seamless integration into Enterprise. Choosing Avocor in every meeting space, across a facility, campus or global offices means that the user experience is the same every time, ensuring collaboration can happen more often and much faster, anywhere teams want to meet.